Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nachshon Draiman

Another of my blog posts in which I talks about the successful American Dreams. This week I write about an entrepreneur who essentially cares for others, an entrepreneur who has the ability to delve into the changing trends and provide new and visionary solutions.

After Nachshon Draiman flew from Israel to America in 1963, he was determined to reach his goals through his hard work and determination. He graduated with an educational foundation in psychology and social work as well as health administration. He saw a great potential in the long-term care of the elderly. But instead of using it only to his own advantage, he actually truly cared for the elderly's well being. During the last 20 years, Nachshon Draiman has taken over numerous long-term facilities in Illinois and in several other regions and completely restructured them. His facilities and their innovative management receive admirable reviews from state regulatory agencies .He restructured and modernized many facilities in Illinois.

Nachshon Draiman is an interesting example because he is a living proof that you can still make a decent living by helping others. "My work and my businesses have emerged from a dedicated approach to service, simply to be of help," Nachshon Draiman says.

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