Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Are you thinking about giving your home the much needed facelift? If your house needs a remodeling, check out K-Designers and see the offers that they have for you. K-Designers, an award winning Home Remodeling Company, were formed in 1978 by Larry and Lee Judson in Casper, Wyoming.

The K-Designer motto is with K-Designers design and materials you are getting "a new home at our old address." The company which began from a single location has now grown into 11 branch locations throughout the west. The business opened with four employees. Today they have over 900 employees and associates and are one of the largest remodeling contractors in the United States.

When it was time for us to remodel our house then the only option that sounded reliable was K-Designers. K-Designers offer a number of services that can turn your home into the dream house that you always craved for. They offer cost-efficient and energy saving renovation. Why opt for anyone else for your home renovation needs.

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