Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frank Hanna

If we have been blessed with wealth, what should we do with that wealth? Frank Hanna's recently published work, What Your Money Means (And How to Use it well), tries to address the core issues regarding wealth and philanthropy.

The aptly titled book tries to say it all, what does money mean to each of us? What is the best way to save it? Invest or Save? Frank Hanna's book speaks about money in a different perspective. It is not about how to utilize your money but more on understanding your money.

Frank Hanna's philosophical approach to money gives it an invigorating twist, making you to reflect on your spending habits and your point of view towards money.

Frank Hanna
is a merchant banker in Atlanta who has started and backed a number of successful businesses. Mr. Hanna is also the founder of the Solidarity Foundation. Among other efforts, the Solidarity Foundation recently obtained the oldest extant copy of portions of the Gospels of Luke and John and then gave it to the Vatican.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boost your career with: American Career Group

American Career Group is the premier destination for connecting employees and employers throughout the United States via the Internet. Not only does it provide employment opportunities and connectivity between the employer and the employee, it provides tips on writing your resume for that perfect job that you always wanted.

If you require any more resources, American Career Group also provides tips on interviews and on writing your cover letter. It is a boon for the job seekers as the categories of jobs that you can search for are myriad.

American Career Group understands the role a recruiter has in filling available positions. Their extensive network of partners and resources allows them to have a nationwide reach while maintaining a local focus. So the next time you need a job and all your connections have been exhausted, look no further than the American Career Group. It will help you take your career to the next level.

Know about : Ashley M. Stevanovich

Flowers have a way of brightening our day. All of us like to look at those pretty flowers blooming all around, especially during winter and spring. Flowers are scents of life spreading the essence of its beauty all around. They can express our mood and convey our thoughts and feelings more convincingly than any utterance of our expression.Whether we've got a vase filled with cut flowers or we encounter fields full of blooms, flowers are nature's gift to all of us as a symbol of the brightness and joy life has to offer. Ashley M Stevanovich loves flowers, and she is particularly interested in the flowers each of the states has adopted as its own. From the Orange Blossom of Florida to the Bluebonnet of Texas, all fifty states have adopted a native flower and the diversity of the state flowers is emblematic of the diversity our nation is built upon.

Through flowers, Ashley M. Stevanovich celebrates our cultural diversity. Her love of flowers colors her work in other aspects of her environment, including her involvement with the education of children.

Pine Crest has been turning out outstanding community leaders since 1934, so they must be doing something right. As a member of the Pine Crest School's Board of Advisors, Ashley M. Stevanovich works to help educate the children of South Florida. Whether its flowers or children, she has found ways to express her appreciation of the hope and joy we find all around us.

Know about : Sakwinder Narwal

Sakwinder Narwal is a great example of a busy executive with a great outdoor hobby. Narwal enjoys fishing. “ Fishing has taken me to some of the wildest and most beautiful natural settings,’ he says.The CEO of Omicron Technologies, Inc., finds time to go fishing every week.

Sakwinder goes fishing everywhere he can. From salmon fishing in Alaska to catching catfish in Florida Keys and trout in New York, Sakwinder Narwal has fully embraced his passion. Sakwinder Narwal believes the catfish love this bait as much now as they did many years ago.

While he enjoys a good fish dinner, he is known to be a catch and release fisherman. Sak Narwal likes to fish for both fresh and salt water fish and learns all he can of the habits of both salt water and fresh water fish alike; what they eat and where they are to be found Sakwinder Narwal went fishing with this old gentleman when he was just a boy and he learned the old man’s secret bait for channel cat: canned sweet corn.

Sakwinder Narwal is an amateur ichthyologist who enjoys the connection with nature while fishing.In the heat of summer you might see Sakwinder Narwal fishing for shark off Montauk NY or plumbing the great depths of Lake George for landlocked salmon.

Shasta Pools

Are you in or around Phoenix? Then you must have heard of Shasta Pools which has built a large number of pools around your place. Not only do they provide attractive pools but they also focus on the ecological aspects providing you with a green eco friendly pool.

So if you are planning to build a pool in your backyard and turn that long standing dream into a reality trust Shasta Pools to provide you with a quality swimming pool at an attractive and reasonable price.

Since 1968, Shasta Pools has constructed more than 75000 swimming pools throughout Arizona. If you are on the lookout for innovative pools, then check out what Shasta Pools has to provide you. Trust them to make it a memorable experience that you would be proud of for a long time.