Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shasta Pools

Are you in or around Phoenix? Then you must have heard of Shasta Pools which has built a large number of pools around your place. Not only do they provide attractive pools but they also focus on the ecological aspects providing you with a green eco friendly pool.

So if you are planning to build a pool in your backyard and turn that long standing dream into a reality trust Shasta Pools to provide you with a quality swimming pool at an attractive and reasonable price.

Since 1968, Shasta Pools has constructed more than 75000 swimming pools throughout Arizona. If you are on the lookout for innovative pools, then check out what Shasta Pools has to provide you. Trust them to make it a memorable experience that you would be proud of for a long time.

Sakwinder Narwal

Sakwinder Narwal is a great example of a busy executive with a great outdoor hobby. Narwal enjoys fishing. “ Fishing has taken me to some of the wildest and most beautiful natural settings,’ he says.The CEO of Omicron Technologies, Inc., finds time to go fishing every week.

Sakwinder goes fishing everywhere he can. From salmon fishing in Alaska to catching catfish in Florida Keys and trout in New York, Sakwinder Narwal has fully embraced his passion. Sakwinder Narwal believes the catfish love this bait as much now as they did many years ago.

While he enjoys a good fish dinner, he is known to be a catch and release fisherman. Sak Narwal likes to fish for both fresh and salt water fish and learns all he can of the habits of both salt water and fresh water fish alike; what they eat and where they are to be found Sakwinder Narwal went fishing with this old gentleman when he was just a boy and he learned the old man’s secret bait for channel cat: canned sweet corn.

Sakwinder Narwal is an amateur ichthyologist who enjoys the connection with nature while fishing.In the heat of summer you might see Sakwinder Narwal fishing for shark off Montauk NY or plumbing the great depths of Lake George for landlocked salmon.

RENEW International

RENEW International is a Roman Catholic ministry organization incorporated under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Newark. Most Reverend John J. Myers, J.C.D., D.D. is the Chairman of RENEW’s Corporate Board.

RENEW International has been performing a ministry of peace building and ethnic reconciliation in the nation of Burundi since 2004. Burundi is one of the world’s poorest nations in Africa and it is constantly plagued by flood and famine. The land and people in Burundi has been ravaged by war, oppression, and chaos.

RENEW International has timely ways to serve the pastoral needs of parishes and people. They offer a full range of spiritual processes with step-by-step guides, sound materials and personal support for pastors, ministry leaders and participants.

They are committed to helping people around the world learn of the Catholic church and its teachings. The organization emphasizes the important role that small, faith-based communities can have in supporting those who are pursuing spiritual discovery in the Catholic faith. Whether you are involved with stewardship or outreach, they offer programs to support your growth.


Are you thinking about giving your home the much needed facelift? If your house needs a remodeling, check out K-Designers and see the offers that they have for you. K-Designers, an award winning Home Remodeling Company, were formed in 1978 by Larry and Lee Judson in Casper, Wyoming.

The K-Designers motto is with K-Designers design and materials you are getting "a new home at our old address." The company which began from a single location has now grown into 11 branch locations throughout the west. The business opened with four employees. Today they have over 900 employees and associates and are one of the largest remodeling contractors in the United States.

When it was time for us to remodel our house then the only option that sounded reliable was K-Designers. K-Designers offer a number of services that can turn your home into the dream house that you always craved for. They offer cost-efficient and energy saving renovation. Why opt for anyone else for your home renovation needs.

Amos Tamam

Amos Tamam is the CEO of the super successful Verifone Transportation Systems Inc. After he came from Israel to the USA in the 1980s, he planned on a fresh start. Just after arriving, Amos Tamam began to repair taxicabs, in New York City, and has never stopped or looked back. Blessed with an uncanny ingenuity, he was able to develop products that solved problems within the taxi industry.

Among his latest technological inventiveness has been the installation of credit card machines in taxicabs in New York. Now isn't that amazing? Thanks to Amos Tamam, taxi fares can be paid through your credit cards.

In addition to the credit card system, GPS (global positioning systems) are being attached to every car with the monitors to ensure that the passengers are well aware of their positions and also the featured news. With the on-board Verifone technology, touch screen monitors will also provide weather, sports, local news and traffic information.

"This program was completed back in March 2007," Amos Tamam said. "As the public is becoming more and more aware of it, we're seeing a steady increase in transaction volume every month."